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About Us

Roteck Equipment Limited is a prominent source of technically advanced, high performing Air Compressors, Compressed Air Filters, and Related Accessories, mostly used in infrastructure, agriculture, chemical and plastic industries. We have gained global recognition for our durable range of products such as Air Compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Compressed Air Dryer, Air Receiver Tank, Crank Shaft, Air Dryer, Air Oil Separator, Oil Filter, Compressor Fluid Oil, Air Filter Element and more. Our range also extends to related service kit like MPV Kits, Ring Set, Spring Set, and more. These products have long service life and excellent functional efficiency, as a result, get wide acceptance in the domestic and international markets from Nepal to South Africa and Ghana too. 
Hot Proudcts
Air Receiver Tank 500 Ltrs To 10000 Ltrs
Roteck Air Receiver Tank Store compressed Air.Condense and Trap the Moisture in the compressed air and to let the impurities settle down before air passes into the piping Inlet Pressure kg/cm2g :10Kg
Tank Mounted Compressor Without Cabinet
a) Extended warranty is also provided with our Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressor to offer you an optimum working security. The small innovation integration eliminates pressure drop and leaks for increasing machine reliability. b) This air compressor offers more years for reduced horsepower, sparing money each year on energy consumption. Agar machine also evicts wasteful unloaded working through cycling and the compressor off and on.
Push-in Fittings
We are manufacturing premium quality Push In Fittings are highly acknowledged for several qualities which includes easy installation, low maintenance, reliability, smooth functioning, cost effectiveness and more.