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Air Dryer

We provide Air Dryers, which are made to remove the vapor air from the compressible air. Suited for both industrial as well as commercial applications, these special sort of filter systems are exclusively designed for the removal of water, inbuilt in the compressed air. They are useful in hospitals to work with bone screws, cleaning medical molding, medical implants etc. Also useful for space science, the dryers assist in the cleaning of orifices in turbine blades by ensuring the removal of magnesium oxide. Air Dryers are also demanded for the cleaning as well as preparation of jewelry and semi-precious stones. These drying units are also suited for home based applications. The appliances are operated by cooling down the air and can take away all contaminants such as dirt, acid, beads, moisture, filings, and solder flux.

Key Points:

1) They can save energy and lessen the loss of purge.
2) Featured with programmable controllers as well as lucid functional displays.
3) Despite frequent tower changeovers, they provide totally secured and undisturbed operation.
4) Ensure the protection of piping, equipment and tools.