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Compressor Station
Arrangement of typical compressor station
Screw Air Compressor
  1. Air Receiver
  2. Pre-Filter Dryer
  3. After-Filter
  4. Final-Filter

Arrangement Introduction
Select one unit purification equipment for two or more compressors accordance to the utilized compressed air. Compressor is space machine for providing maximum flow. The typical arrangement of the compressor station is highly applicable in several industries and trades. Once the compressed air flows into the air receiver, then it pass through the air filter and enters into the dryer for eliminating the moisture of the compressed air and at last in the pre-filter oil content is eliminated from the compressed air. Some trades like founding, mining, transport etc., only require compressor and receiver for fulfill the requirement of low compressed air. Moreover, Food services, special spraying, electronic and pharmaceutical are some of the trades who have huge requirement of AC filter, Pre-filter, Compressor, Receiver, AD filter, Final-filter, After-filter and dryer. 

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