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The installation place is often ignored and we install it accordance to our delight after purchase. The consequence are so carelessly but forms several kinds of compressor trouble maintenance that results in  the compressed air character harmfully waits. So, we suggest you to choose the installation place wisely for utilizing the compressor efficiently.
  1. Select specious and bright place, so that the machinery can be easily examined or repaired.
  2. The place should have good ventilation for air and the humidity is suitably low.
  3. The ambient temperature must be lower than 40 degree, because if it is higher than 40 degree the capacity of air flow that blows out will be decreased.
  4. If there is lots of dust or bad environment in the factory, than the operators must install filtering equipments before using the compress air.
  5. Their will be advance thoroughfare for the obligate, otherwise you can simply install the sky-vehicle for maintenance.
  6. Their will be minimum 70 centimeters distance between the wall and compressor.
  7. Also, their will be minimum one meter distance between the compressor and housetop.  
  8. The wind cold machine must be equipped with proper exhaust fan or tuber pipe in order to prevent hot-blast circulation.

Notice proceeding of tubing pipe, foundation and cooling system
Notice proceeding of tubing air pipe
  • While tubing the main pipe, it should have gradient of gradient of 1 for exhausting the cooling water.
  • The pipe of big diameter must be selected because the pressure of the pipe must be lower than the designed pressure of the compressor ie. 5%. 
  • The lateral pipeline must be attached to the top of the main pipeline due to for managing the flow of cooling water into the machine. And, the exit pipe of the machine must have single valve.
  • The machine must be equipped with proper automatism drain valve for blowing out the cooling water.
  • The main pipe must be fixed tightly to the other pipes for reducing the loss of pressure or the durability of the pipeline.
  • It there are compressed air receiver or dryer than the suitable pipelines must have proper preceding filters, gas or water separator, drier, refined filter, back filter and other allied products. So that the compressed air receiver can easily depress the temperature of the air and remove unwanted cooling water.
  • The compressed air receiver must be fixed with the machinery for requirement for huge of compressed air in a short period of time. Besides, its content is 20% of the exhaust air.
  • If the pressure of the system is lower than 1.5MPa, then the speed of the flow in the pipe would be less than 15m/sec
  • Valve and elbow can be utilized in the pipe for reducing the pressure.

  • The installation of the machinery should be built on the leveled and qualitative ground.
  • If the machinery is installed upstairs, than the buyer have to do proper renovation against shaking because the vibrations of the compressor goes downstairs and can damage the whole building. 
  • The screw compressor does not require any fixed foundation due to the shaking. Further, for reducing the noise and vibration of the compressor, it is better to place it on the 5-10mm soft-mat or shockproof mat.

Cooling System
  • When you are selecting wind-cooling compressor than you have provide proper ventilation facility for that. Also, if you are looking to install it in the side of any high temperature equipment than it is a wrong decision, it can destroy the unit.
  • If the compressor is installed in the smaller space, than the wind equipment must be placed in the open space for providing proper air circulation. Apart from this, wind equipment's cpapcity must be more than the cooing fan for suiting the compressor.

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