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For operating the compressor for a longer time period, then you have to make some detailed maintenance plans for running the compressor efficiently. Besides, you have clean the compressor on regular intervals. The instructions for the maintenance of the compressor are mentioned below:



Check or change cycle hour







The air cleaner strains the core

Remove surface dust and impurity


Can look at and include the operating mode situation of the dust amount to lengthen or shorten .

Change new one


Pressurize circle Of suction value

Check and change


Lubricating oil of compressor

enough or not


Change new one


Oil filter

Change new one


500 hours in the first time

Oil-air separator

Change new one


Minimum pressure valve

Check opening pressure



Remove the dirt of the coor

Remove the surface dust of heat dissipation


lengthens or shortens according to the working situation

Relief valve

Check delicacy or not


Expend oil value

Expend water and oil


Gearing belt

Adjust degree tightness


lengthens or shortens according to the fray

Check fray or change new one



Inmmit lubricating axunge


Consult the motor manual

  1. Ensure that the pressure of the compressor system is released before maintenance or any other change. Moreover, the power must be broken off from the main circuit or switch.
  2. The compressor cooling lubricating oil is generally changes after every 2000 hour of operational activity, but it can also depend on other circumstance such as humidity, acid in the gas or dust.
  3. The oil filter must be changed within 300-500 hours for the very first time, then in 1500 hours for the second time and then after every 2000 hours.
  4. Do not place any other component in in the air filter or input air valve while maintenance. Besides, seal the main entrance of the engine while operating.
  5. You must have check the leather belt at every 2000 hours and adjust it with the nut until it gets tighten. Further, ensure that the belt is clean.
  6. At the time of changing oil, you must have change oil filter every time.
  7. Please utilize the primary assemblage of firm, to avoid any type of machine accident that from this causes.

Clean the air cooler and oil cooler
Dust of the radiator surface must be cleaned in every 2000 hours, further we open the hole of the cooler on the set of fan until it gets fully cleaned. If there is so much of dirt, then we can offload the cooler and block all the four entrance in preventing dirt to enter into the compressor. Then, we blow it with the compressed air and wash it. At the end, we kept it for drying and re-install it at its respective place.

Let cooling water
The water that presence in the air may be gets collected in the air and oil separator. The amount of cooling water may increased in when the exhaust temperature is lower than pressure dew point specially in the humid air. Too much amount of water in the oil may effect the machine safe operation. The bad effect of oil and air separator may rise the probability of rust, so kindly make proper schedule of exhaust cooling water accordance to the humidity. The method of exhaust cooling water are mentioned below:
  1. Open the pre-spiral that are placed at the bottom of oil and air separator
  2. Now, open the ball valve slowly for exhausting water until the oil gets pour then replace the ball value.
  3. Then, close the pre-spiral of the ball value.

Safety value
We do not proponent the user for adjusting the safety valve as it was already mixed before leaving the factory. Now, if the user still want to adjust it then we advise them to get the guidance with the safety department or maintenance man.

Advice of maintenance
We provide some maintenance instructions to general users
Every week
  • Checking the unit for ensuring that it don't have any strange voice and leakage
  • Checking the meter whether it works properly or not
  • Checking its temperature display 
Every month
  • Check the unit from inside for finding the loosen and rusty parts, It found tighten or paint them.
  • Exhaust the cooling water.
Every three months
  • Clean the dust from fan cover, cooler surface and fan leaves.
  • Lubricate the electro-motor bearing.
  • Check the pipe for finding out whether it break or not.
  • Clean the control box and thoroughly check all the electrical components.

Filling the oil of the compressor
While under running status, the level of oil of the compressor must be kept between the lowest and highest level. Too less or much oil could influence the lubricating, cooling or separated effect. While changing oil, if the oil level is lower than its lowest level, then the user should have to refill the lubricating oil by following the method which is mentioned below.:

Stop the compressor and wait to the release of all inside pressure, then cuts down the main power supply and fill the cooling lubricating oil by opening the gob of oil and gas separates. Now, close the gob and operate the machine accordance to the regular maintenance table.

Please utilized special environmental cooling oil our appoint brand.

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